Serving Communities And Taxpayers

Sarah believes that the needs of the people should come first and foremost. Government exists to serve the people, and elected officials should always be available and eager to listen and address the issues and needs of local communities and taxpaying residents. As more people become involved in government, elected officials need to make themselves as accessible as possible.


Agriculture is one of Michigan’s top industries, and Sarah believes rural Mid-Michigan needs a strong presence in government. When Michigan government understands and works toward the benefit of our farm families, the entire state will benefit.

Criminal Justice Reform

Michigan's criminal justice system is in need of serious reform. Sarah understands the complexities of the system and believes Michigan needs to make sentencing guidelines more uniform and differentiate between types of offenders, all while making sure our facilities focus on rehabilitation.

Mental Health Access

Including and beyond our justice system, Michigan laws need to reflect a better understanding of and access to mental health. Offenders with mental health issues should be treated differently. Sarah believes Michigan government should focus on understanding and serving the mental health needs of the community at large.

Opioid Crisis

Opioid trafficking and abuse are a growing presence in Michigan communities, and we need laws and initiatives that recognize the problem for what it is. The cycle of addiction is damaging to both individuals and their families, and Sarah wants Lansing to aggressively confront the threat while protecting its many victims.

Vocational Education

Trade skill positions are a necessary and celebrated part of Michigan's economy, but our state has been falling behind in filling and supporting these much-needed roles. Our educational options should include wider access to and more significant training in vocational positions, and Sarah will push to make both a reality.

Senior Services

We should value those who raised us and made our state what it is today. Our aging population deserves protection, support and access to services. Sarah meets regularly with our senior populations and wants to shed more light on their care as well as their views and concerns.

Fiscal Responsibility

Michigan taxpayers deserve budgets delivered on time and in keeping with their priorities. Sarah believes state dollars should be focused on effective programs and critical services, holding Michigan taxpayers harmless whenever possible.