Serving Communities And Taxpayers

Sarah believes that the needs of our community should come first and foremost. Government exists to serve the people, and Sarah will always be accessible and eager to listen and address the issues facing our neighbors.


Agriculture is one of Michigan’s top industries, and Sarah believes rural Mid-Michigan needs a strong advocate in Lansing. When elected officials understand and work toward the benefit of our farm families, the entire state benefits.

Criminal Justice Reform

Michigan’s criminal justice system is in need of serious reform. Sarah understands the complexities of the system and believes Michigan needs to make sentencing guidelines more uniform and differentiate between types of offenders, all while making sure our facilities focus on rehabilitation.

K-12 Education Funding

Over the past several years, Michigan has increased funding to education to record levels year over year. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, navigating the budget realities is going to be a challenge. Sarah will work hard to help craft a strong, bi-partisan solution to keep our schools whole and continue investing in our kids.

Skilled Trade Education

Skilled trade careers are a much-talked about part of Michigan’s economy, but our state has been falling behind in filling and supporting these essential roles. Our educational system should provide broader access to and more opportunity in obtaining degrees and certifications necessary to fill these vital vocational positions.

Senior Services

Those who made Michigan what it is today deserve our support, protection, and access to vital services. Our senior community has a lot of wisdom to offer, and Sarah meets regularly with our elder neighbors to take their views and concerns to the legislature!

Fiscal Responsibility

Michigan taxpayers deserve budgets delivered on time and in keeping with their priorities. As a member of the House Appropriations committee, Sarah works hard to ensure state dollars are spent efficiently and focused on effective programs and critical services.

Transportation Funding

A strong, stable infrastructure is vitally important to the success of Michigan’s economy. Sarah believes that we need to take a common sense approach to funding our infrastructure, like ensuring that every dollar paid in taxes at the gas pump goes directly to the roads. Government budgeting should be done efficiently, rather than always looking for more handouts from taxpayers.